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Architecture for dogs

Japanese architect Kenya Hara, also known as the creative director of Muji, curated the project “Architecture for dogs”, and international architects and designers participated in it. The design templates will be available at on November 15th, and dog owners can download them.

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After March 11th – Kengo Kuma

The great disaster of March 11, 2011 differed from any other catastrophe since the 1755 Lisbon Earthquake. In the age of advanced technology and “strong” buildings, the tsunami flattened Tohoku coastline in seconds. The nuclear accident that followed further revealed the vulnerability of “big and strong” architecture. In the face of radiation, materials such as concrete and steel were insufficient, even though nuclear energy had been a solution for our drive to be bigger, stronger, and more efficient. Now that this modernization process has collapsed on itself, we must start again from scratch. Kengo Kuma of Kengo Kuma and Associates, Tokyo, will discuss how architecture can respond to this epochal … Continue reading

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Akihisa Hirata: Tangling

Award winning architect Akihisa Hirata’s solo exhibition “Tangling” is now on at The Architecture Foundation in London (until November 17th). A social order which is premised on the independence of the individual and whose primary pursuit is the maximization of individual freedom must change in light of the simple reality that the individual is part of a ‘tangled order.’ And the same can probably also be said of rationality in architecture. – Akihisa Hirata

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Lecture by Toyo Ito at California College of the Arts

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Japanese Pavilion at Venice Architecture Biennale 2012

“Architecture possible here? Home-for-All” is the title of Japan’s contribution to the 13th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice, Italy. The exhibition in the Venice Biennale’s Japanese Pavilion deals with the devastation the earthquake and tsunami of 2011 caused in East Japan. It shows photographs of the earthquake by Naoya Hatakeyama and alternative housing solutions for the people who lost their homes by the young japanese architects Kumiko Inui, Sou Fujimoto, and Akihisa Hirata. The Japanese Pavilion has been awarded the Golden Lion for Best National Participation at the 13th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia. (Source: VernissageTV)

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Starbucks at a public library

Starbucks coffee will open its first store at a public library, “Takeo library” in Saga, Japan. Starbucks Japan has collaborated with the book store chain CCC, but never before with a public library. The store is expected to open in April 2013. You are allowed to bring any books to the cafe to read.

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100 Japanese Architectural Works

“100 Japanese Architectural Works From JA yearbooks” 1990-2011 has been published in digital form. It gives an overview of the past 22 years of Japanese modern architecture. It is avaialble both in English and Japanese, and works with all the digital platforms including IOS and ANDROID. You can purchase it here.

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Kionji temple by Waro Kishi

Kionji is a Zen temple located in Takarazuka, Hyogo, Japan. At a glance, it appears to be one of the typical traditional temples, but there is a modern innovative twist in order for one structure to contain all the functions: Main hall, reception hall, and the monk’s residence. Photo: Shigeo Ogata via A press release from WARO KISHI + K.ASSOCIATES/Architects ——————– This is a proposal for a Zen temple located in an old residential area in the suburb of Takarazuka city, near Osaka. All the primary functions of the institute: main hall, reception hall and the monksf residence are all to be renovated. However, the site is not large … Continue reading

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Kenzo Tange’s Yoyogi Olympic Arena

Kenzo Tange’s Yoyogi Olympic Arena by Harvard University design students. Via: Dezeen

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Transforming a bank into a “capsule hotel”

A “Capsule hotel” is a type of hotel, developed in Japan, that features a large number of extremely small “rooms” (capsules) intended to provide cheap and basic overnight accommodation for guests not requiring the services offered by more conventional hotels. Architect Yujin Hirase plans to transform an old bank into a “capsule hotel”. The upper part of the building will be used for a “cupsule hotel”, and the ground floor will be used for a cafe and restaurant. It is expected to be completed by 2014. Via: Kenplatz

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