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“Hotel apartment” by Ryohei Tanaka

G architects studio’s Ryohei Tanaka designed a “hotel apartment” in Azabujuban, Tokyo. Here are the texts from the architect studio. Concept: This unique apartment is located in the very heart of Tokyo, inside a low-rise apartment complex, one block from a major highway. The client had been searching for a convenient location in central Tokyo and found this thirty-seven year old apartment located in the attic of the building complete with long, sloping ceilings and a raw interior. The sloped ceilings have been converted into a skylight allowing in natural sunlight with a wonderful unobstructed view of the city. Since this apartment is to be used for accommodation purposes, we … Continue reading

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iPhone 6 case “The Slit”

Made with Duralumin A7075, this is one of the most exclusive iPhone cases available in the market. Since 2013, DAQ has released “Square” and “IRUAL” series. “The Slit” is specially designed for iPhone 6. It has ventilated openings to allow signal to pass through. Material:Extra Super Duralumin A7075 Type:Cover Structure:No screws Color:Black / Silver / Gold The listed price is 2000$. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing one.

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Floating Vase / RIPPLE has been relaunched and improved!

oodesign’s “Floating Vase / RIPPLE has been relaunched and improved. It is more resistant than the previous version, and also the price is 14.5$ (about 11.7 EUR), 30% lower than the previous product. It is currently exclusively available at Japanese design shop for customers outside Japan. *oodesign is an award winning design studio established by Taku Omura. “Floating Vase / RIPPLE” is their first commercial product. Shaped like ripples in water, “floating ripple vase” floats on water. All you have to do is fill a container with water, and place a single flower in the vase. It will float around with a help of the movement of the air.

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50% off on “hope forever blossoming” flower vases

Japanese design shop is offering 50% off on “hope forever blossoming” flower vases. Filled with water, this vinyl envelope is transformed into a fully functional 3D vase. The refraction of light through the water adds to the beauty of this simple flower vase. Each envelope contains two vases. Japanese design shop

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Japanese Design: Art, Aesthetics & Culture

“Japanese design: Art, Aesthetics & Culture” has been released by Tuttle Publishing. It gives a unique view on Japanese design through a foreigner’s perspective, from traditional design such as Kimono and Ukiyoe to modern design, for example, “Butterfly Stool” by Sori Yanagi. This is not one of those books that attempts to explain everything about Japanese design. Instead, it examines “Japanese design” by looking into traditional Japanese cultural concepts such as “Wabi”, “Sabi”, “Iki”, and “Ma”. This relatively small 160-page book explains the foundation of foreigners’ admiration of Japanese culture and aesthetics. It contains over 200 images of Japanese architecture and objects to accompany a range of analyses on what … Continue reading

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BCTION – Art project in Tokyo

Over seventy artists are exhibiting their art work at a nine-story, soon-to-be demolished building in Tokyo. It is expected that many more older buildings in Tokyo will be demolished in the near future as they don’t have earthquake proof structures. The “BCTION” project offers unique opportunities for artists by making use of the dead space in the city.

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Issey Miyake x Tendo Mokko

Issey Miyake has released a series of accessories by collaborating with Tendo Mokko. Tendo Mokko is well known as a manufacturer of iconic furniture such as “Butterfly stool” by Sori Yanagi. Issey Miyake is promoting a collection with the theme “Rhythmatic Forest”, and the philosophy of Tendo Mokko has perfectly matched with the concept of Issey Miyake’s new collection. The accessories will be available at the following stores in Japan: Issey Miyake/Aoyama, Elltob Tep Issey Miyake/Ginza, Issey Miyake/Kobe.

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Flowerman is a vase for a single flower. A flower shows so many different expressions – it looks as if it is happy, sad, contemplating… There are two types available: “standing” and “seating”. Designed by Ayumi Sakamoto and Tomomi Uchiyama for Japanese brand h concept.

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SnapLite by Tent

SnapLite works as a standard desk lamp, but it transforms itself into a high quality scanner when combined with iPhone. With the powerful image stabilizer, it perfectly scans up to A4 size document. The scanned images given by SnapLite are even clearer than traditional scanners. It automatically synchronizes with your iPhone via bluetooth, so all you have to do is simply starting the SnapLite application on your iPhone and scanning your document. SnapLite Introduction from SnapLite on Vimeo.

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Petition against Zaha Hadid’s Tokyo Olympic Stadium

Pritzker lauretes Toyo Ito and Fumihiko Maki have launched a petition against the construction of new Tokyo Olympic Stadium, which is to be designed by Zaha Hadid. It was originally initiated by a renowned anthropologist Shin-ichi Nakazawa, and Toyo Ito and Fumihiko Maki have joined the protest. They have pointed out the fact that 1) the selection process is unclear, 2) the construction process is unclear, 3) the excessive cost, and 4) neglecting the historic environment. Ito and Maki have proposed an alternative plan which is to renovate the existing stadium. The cost of the renovation is estimated to be less than half the cost of building the Olympic stadium.

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