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Here are some images from Canon’s annual art installation “NEOREAL” at Milano Salone del Mobile 2012. This year Canon has collaborated with architect Ryuji Nakamura. More information:

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Panasonic Exhibition by Akihisa Hirata

Japanese architect Akihisa Hirata has created installations titled “Photosynthesis” for Panasonic at Milano Salone del Mobile 2012. Here are the videos from the exhibition.

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“Static Bubbles” by Nendo

The design studio Nendo (Tokyo based) is proving that functional design works perfectly when displayed as artwork. By using light as a counterpart, the objects in the spaces of Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Paris creates an atmospheric, visual experience. Among the objects shown in the exhibition Static Bubbles are innerblow glass tables, farming-net objects, and acrylic bookshelves. What connects these objects of different materials is a “lightness of being”, with a  resistance to gravity in their appearance. At the same time, their functional purpose becomes evident for the visitor. Nendo / Static Bubbles, until 3 March 2012, Carpenters Workshop Gallery Paris, 54 Rue de la Verrerie,,  

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Tokujin Yoshioka Exhibition

Japanese product designer/interior architect Tokujin Yoshioka received “now! design à vivre 2012 CREATOR OF THE YEAR” at Maison et Objet, which was held until January 24th, and he exhibited his work titled “Crystalized Project”. Here are some images from the exhibition. Via excite/ism.

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Designtide Tokyo 2011

An annual design event “DesignTide Tokyo” took place between 29th of October – 3rd of November. Here are the highlights of the event.

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Sugao at Merci

“Merci“, one of the best known lifestyle stores in Paris, started a Japanese design exhibition titled “Sugao” at its shop located on 111 boulevard beaumarchais in Paris. Merci is known for promoting products that are for everyday use, and these Japanese products exhibited at “Sugao” emphasize the store’s concept.

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Kenji Yanobe

Artist Kenji Yanobe’s exhibition titile “Atom suit project: the antennas of the earth” started at Yamamotogendai, art gallary in Shirogane, Tokyo. It is an art installation in which radioactive materials in the air are visualized. The dolls dressed in the “atom suit” catches radioactive materials, and there is a life-size doll of the artist himself standing in the center of the installalation. “Atom suit” is a special suit which protects our body from radio active materials. Another project, which shows Yanobe’s visit to Chernobyl in 1997 will also be exhibited.   Gallery Yamamoto Gendai 3-1-15-3F Shirogane, Minato-ku, Tokyo 03-6383-0626   via: excite/ism

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Japan Package Design Awards 2011

Award winning package designs from “Japan Package Design Awards 2011” have been exhibited at Matsuya, a department store in Ginza, Tokyo. The grand prix has been awarded to “Zenkashoin”, a pastry store in Kyoto. Package designs of “Zenkashoin”   Package designs for chewing gums “Fit’s” received “Silver Award”   Package design for Elecom’s headphones also received “Silver Award”

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Transparent Japanese Tea House by Yoshioka

Japanese designer Yoshioka Tokujin will present a transparent Japanese tea house “Kou-an” at Glasstress 2011 in Venice, Italy. This project was started in 2002 and is expected to be completed by 2013. Yoshioka will present the one-tenth scale model at this exhibition. “Japanese views of nature are characterized by the way we see space. It is a feeling and energy which we sense from space. I think it is also connected to the Japanese tea ceremony. I wanted to communicate with nature by creating space with the artificial architecture, instead of directly communicating with nature”, Yoshioka says. via: excite/ism

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MILAN DESIGN WEEK PART 2 (Canon Neoreal Wonder)

This is the 4th year since Canon participated in the Milan design week. This year they have collaborated with Torafu Architects, and visual design studioWOW. The exhibition has been held at Superstudio in Zona Tortona. ————————— Here is the information from the organizer: “NEOREAL WONDER” creates a world of digital imaging where airiness and revolution coexist. Those who visited the exhibition awake to the possibilities of vision, they are astonished, they feel the dynamism of life, and pursue this expression in which a new relationship is created between people and image. This time, those responsible for creating the works presented as part of “NEOREAL WONDER” are TORAFU ARCHITECTS – a … Continue reading

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