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Mugs for Starbucks Japan by Nendo

Nendo has added a graphic to the base of a white Starbucks coffee mug which looks like the surface of a coffee drink. It looks as if it is full when it is put upside down. Three different types are available: mug americano, mug latte, and mug caramel macchiato. The mugs will be released in Starbucks throughout Japan. photos by Akihiro Yoshida (via

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UnBrella by Hiroshi Kajimoto for h concept

Hiroshi Kajimoto has created the “UnBRELLA,” an upside down, inside out umbrella for Japanese design company h concept. Since it is inside out, the wet side is inside when it is folded – useful and practical in a crowded area. It also stands itself without any support. Currently available only in Japan.

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50% off on “hope forever blossoming” flower vases

Japanese design shop is offering 50% off on “hope forever blossoming” flower vases. Filled with water, this vinyl envelope is transformed into a fully functional 3D vase. The refraction of light through the water adds to the beauty of this simple flower vase. Each envelope contains two vases. Japanese design shop

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“Shupua” is a collection of cups and glasses made from silicone. It is manufactured by Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd, and designed and sold by h concept. The special material that has high transparency makes it look like a real glass. It is unbreakable, easy to get a grip on, and doesn’t form condensation – due to the material. 1800 Japanese yen (around 18 US dollars) for cups and 2200 Jpaanese yen (around 22 US dollars) for the glasses.

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Japan Handmade

Japan Handmade is a collaboration between craftsmen in Kyoto and Danish consulting company CeO. THe aim is to promote Japanese handicrafts internationally. Japan Handmade crafts companies: Kaikado, Hosoo, Kanaami-Tsuji, Nakagawa Mokkougei, Kohchosai Kosuga, Asahiyaki. Japan Handmade Digest from Hosoo on Vimeo.

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Lessev Mobile Station

IWATANI DESIGN PROJECT has released Lessev Mobile Station, which solves our everyday problems: tangled cables of mobile phones, tablet computers, digital cameras, etc. It also helps you to locate your chargers. It keeps your desk and room tidy and organized.

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Rolu by Metaphys

Rolu are memo papers on a roll. It was designed by Chiaki Murata for Metaphys. It is possible to cut the paper as you wish thanks to the dotted lines drawn every 10cm. The brass/aluminum holder functions as a paper weight and makes it easier to take notes.  There are three colors available: Orange, black, and white. Size: W93mm x H38mm x D74.5mm, φ65mm×H88mm (Memo papers) Weight: 240g Material: Brass, aluminum, ABS

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Display Cleaner by Tent

Japanese design studio Tent has released Display Cleaner. It was inspired by a chalkboard eraser. Made of microfiber, it is perfect to use for almost any computer displays including tablet computers such as iPad. The yellow tag makes it possible to hang on a wall.  It is washable, so you can use it over and over again. There are two types available: beech and walnut.

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Floating Vases / Ripple by oodesign

oodesign is an award winning design studio established by Taku Omura. “Floating Vase / RIPPLE” is their first commercial product. Shaped like ripples in water, “floating ripple vase” floats on water. All you have to do is fill a container with water, and place a single flower in the vase. It will float around with a help of the movement of the air. It is currently exclusively available at Japanese design shop for customers outside Japan.

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“Book on Book” by Tent

Japanese design studio Tent released “Book on Book”. The transparent page holder keeps a book open while you are working on other tasks such as cooking, using a computer, etc. It is made of acrylic.

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