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Toronc by Metaphys

METAPHYS Tronc is a card stand, which not only holds postcards or business cards in order, but also utilizes information more efficiently by visualizing and positioning the importance of information. For example, important business cards can be put at a higher position.

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Vegetable/Fruit Block by Paperable

Vegetable/Fruit Block is a memo pad created by “Paperable” based in Ishikawa, Japan. It is a collaboration by Ishikawa prefecture’s local art community KAPO, and printing company Yamakoshi.

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String strainer by Taku Omura

“String strainer” was designed by Taku Omura of oodesign. Thanks to the eco-friendly resin “UNI-PELE”, it is possible to adjust openings of the strainer. That makes it easier to keep the strainer clean. It won the grand prix at the Kawasaki industrial design competition 2011.

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Calm trees iPad stand

Calm trees iPad stand is part of “Sample project” promoted by designer/creative director Toshihiko Sakai. There are so many trees that are not suitable for building material because of their shapes. These trees are often left in woods as transporting those trees is too expensive to justify. Sample project has bought those trees and created new products. Using timber from forest thinning is becoming a popular way to make use of trees, but Sample project has another approach in order to rejuvenate the Japanese forest industry. “Calm trees” iPad stand looks like a polished stone. It is handmade and polished one by one, so each product has different shape. Size … Continue reading

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Interview with Nendo

Japanese design studio Nendo introduces their new product for Kartell: “Cliff bookcase”

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“Sparkle for Kartell” by Tokujin Yoshioka

Kartell will release “Sparkle for Kartell” at Milan design week, which is taking place in Milan this month. It was designed by Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka. The collection of stools is made from polycarbonate which appears to have the texture and cut of crystal glass.

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Oros by EAトCO

Oros is a grater designed and manufactured by EAトCO, located in Tsubame, Nigata, which is internationally recognized for its cutlery and metal manufacturing industry. The curved form keeps the contents from spilling out.

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Amsterdam based visual artist Niko Lanzuisi is raising funds through indiegogo in order to create “a series of short documentary films showing aspects of Tokyo’s creative culture that usually remain inaccessible to those outside of the respective scenes, especially if they don’t speak the language” The first episode of his project is UAMOU. It is a toy design studio established by Ayako Takagi Tokyo x Creatives Indiegogo campaign #1 from studiodonbe on Vimeo.

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Dot Flowers Crayons – Free worldwide shipping

Free worldwide shipping of “Dot Flowers Crayon” is available at Japanese design shop. 19.5 US dollars, or about 15.5 EUR. The Dot Flowers Crayon set contains six crayons, and each crayon is comprised of multiple color dots. A simple line can lead to an unexpectedly beautiful drawing. “Dot Flowers Crayon” 19.5 US dollars (about 15.5 EUR)      

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“Kaminokuni” – Paper shoes by Kawahira

These shoes are made of Washi or traditional Japanese paper developed in Shimane, Japan. The special paper is called “Sekishu washi”, which has a history of over 1300 years. They are all handmade by only using organic materials. They are made for babies around one year old who has just started walking. The paper is strong enough for a baby to wear and walk, but they are also expected to be used as gifts for decorative purposes. “Kaminokuni” has won the grand prix at the Traditional Crafts Fair 2012 in Japan.

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