Paper chairs by Junya Ishigami (Milan Design Week-05)


These chairs designed by Japanese architect Junya Ishigami were shown at Canon’s “NEOREAL” exhibition during Salone del mobile in Milan 2008. Although Canon’s first exhibition in Milan seemed lacking coherence with the mixture of traditional art, fashion, and modern design, these chairs by Junya Ishigami were very appealing to us.

The following is the description by the creator:

Despite having the strength to support the weight of a sitting person, these chairs project an impression of being as thin and fragile as paper. The beauty of the shading produced by the varying intensity of the drawings applied to these chairs, which serve as a canvas, mixes with the fineness of the drawn lines, obscuring the boundaries between the chairs and the surrounding space.

Sice: 359mm(W) x 340mm(D) x 678mm (H) x 380mm(SH)

Materials: mixed media

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