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Siwa iPad sleeve

“Siwa” is a series of products made of traditional Japanese paper called “Washi”. Designed by Naoto Fukasawa, the “Siwa” collection is gaining popularity around the world. “iPad sleeve” is one of the latest addition to the collection. It is cushioned and also water resistant – just like the rest of the “Siwa” collection.

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Overnight bag by Siwa

Here is a new addition to Siwa bag series, which are made of special, unbreakable paper called Naoron, and designed by Japanese product designer Naoto Fukasawa. It can hold up to 10kg, and it is unbreakable even if it gets soaked in the rain. See other Siwa products here

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SIWA by Naoto Fukasawa

  It is made of paper, but it is much stronger than normal paper. The material is called “Naolon” developed by a small company in Yamanashi, Japan. The wrinkled surface gives a unique impression. Naoto Fukasawa, who was born in Yamanashi, found this material and decided to start a new brand called “Siwa” by taking advantage of the material.                Via: Excite/Ism  

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