About Japanese design shop

Japanese design shop carries products that were reported on in JPdesign.org, all designed by Japanese designers.

We have visited many small producers, creators, artisans all over Japan and found some of the most refined Japanese products, of which the majority are hand-made, produced in a small scale, and not widely available outside of Japan.

This web store offers Japanese products with the same price as in Japan (plus shipping and import tax -when applicable). Normally, it costs almost three times as much as it does in Japan due to the high mark-up and middlemen such as agents and distributors in many foreign markets. For example, something that costs $100 can be found at $300. However, at Japanese design shop, we offer the same price as in Japan. It is possible because there are no middlemen, and we would like to offer the best price possible. Only extra cost you should calculate is the shipping cost and import related tax (when applicable).

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