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Illustration agency – has launched an agency specializing into Japanese illustrators. Japanese mangas and animated films have been widely appreciated around the world, but not so much in the field of “illustration”. has hand picked some of the best illustrators in Japan. ic4design, for example, has won many international awards, and published several books. Their work has been featured on the cover page of New York Times, Los Angeles Times, etc. IC4DESIGN Papercut artist Chihiro Takeuchi was chosen for Google Doodles artist in 2018. is representing these Japanese illustrators internationally. You can see a lot more interesting Japanese illustrators at

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Nendo aims to “design time” with collection of unconventional hourglasses

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Furniture exhibition by Rei Kawakubo

Japanese fashion designer Rei Kawakubo, founder of Comme des Garçons, designed pieces of furniture, and they have been exhibited at A1043, art gallery in Paris. The fifteen pieces of furniture will be exhibited at the gallery until December 22, 2017.

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Nendo “Jellyfish Vase” at Milano Salone 2017

Japanese design studio Nendo exhibited “Jellyfish Vase” at the Milan design week 2017.

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BCTION – Art project in Tokyo

Over seventy artists are exhibiting their art work at a nine-story, soon-to-be demolished building in Tokyo. It is expected that many more older buildings in Tokyo will be demolished in the near future as they don’t have earthquake proof structures. The “BCTION” project offers unique opportunities for artists by making use of the dead space in the city.

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Reset – Beyond Fukushima

Ever since the first days following the disastrous events that took place in Japan in March 2011, photojournalist Kazuma Obara has been visiting the sites and the people affected. He even visited the Fukushima power plant itself, where he talked to the workers involved. The series of portraits and interviews he produced is published for the first time in this publication. Obara’s photographs offer touching insights about the consequences of the events surrounding Fukushima. Recollected in this book, they offer a long-term perspective and pose the question of responsibility. They bring to mind just how far-reaching the consequences of this catastrophe are, for the people on site as well as … Continue reading

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Encyclopedia of flowers

Encyclopedia of Flowers is a visual exploration of the breathtaking floral arrangements by Makoto Azuma – encounters of unusual, sometimes exotic plants that wouldn’t typically occur in nature. With his meticulously composed photographs, Shunsuke Shiinoki exposes the flowers’ tenuous existence, their fragile forms, continuous metamorphoses, and inevitable decay. In a contemporary manner, Encyclopedia of Flowers immerses the reader in a universe of extraordinary beauty while at the same time addressing dichotomies such as durability and vanity, artificiality and nature, hybrid culture and environmental change. This volume by the Japanese “haute-couture” florists includes an introduction by Makoto Azuma and an index identifying all of the more than 2,000 featured species with … Continue reading

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Amsterdam based visual artist Niko Lanzuisi is raising funds through indiegogo in order to create “a series of short documentary films showing aspects of Tokyo’s creative culture that usually remain inaccessible to those outside of the respective scenes, especially if they don’t speak the language” The first episode of his project is UAMOU. It is a toy design studio established by Ayako Takagi Tokyo x Creatives Indiegogo campaign #1 from studiodonbe on Vimeo.

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Mariko Mori & Ross Lovegrove

Industrial designer Ross Lovegrove interviews Japanese video and photographic artist Mariko Mori. (Source: Crane TV Video Magazine)

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Hoozuki lamp by Sachie Muramatsu

Sachie Muramatsu is a lighting artist based in Japan. Using washi (traditional Japanese paper), she has created many lamps inspired by nature. This is called “Hoozuki Lamp” inspired by a winter cherry.

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