Shipping & Returns

Normally, shipping is made by express air mail unless otherwise stated in each product section. By air mail, it takes about 2 -3 weeks after placing an order. You can always contact us by email if you have any inquiry regarding shipping. Please note that shipping charges shown on include handling charges.


You may return defective, damaged and/or misdelivered items within 10 days after delivery. However, we are unable to accept any items unless they are defective, damaged and/or misdelivered.

If the return of an item is warranted, please follow the instructions below:

1)Contact us by email
2)Provide your order number
3)Explain the reason for the return
4)Describe the type of damage or defect, if any, to the item
5)Provide the number of a bank account to which your refund may be deposited

We will then contact you and provide the address to which the item should be sent back. Upon receiving the returned item and confirming its condition, we will provide a full refund by way of electronic deposit to the bank account specified by you.