Young Japanese Fashion designers at Tokyo Midtown

Tokyo fashion week started on March 10th, and as a part of the fashion week, young Japanese fashion designers got together at Tokyo Midtown, the new cultural hub in Roppongi, and showed their works. Among the participants are: AGURI SAGIMORI、aptform、H’ANSEN hands to five sense、Hidenobu Yasui、MIKIO SAKABE、motonari ono、POESIE、writtenafterwards. These designers are up-and-coming fashion designers and they say that they are all aiming at going abroad in the near future.

Here are some works from the designers.

HANSEN hands to five sense

H’ANSEN hands to five sense


Hidenobu Yasui

motonari ono

Motonari Ono

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2 Responses to Young Japanese Fashion designers at Tokyo Midtown

  1. Abraham says:

    I would love to know how to get in contact with them…I am throwing an Asian Fashion Show in the Big Easy, Jazz City, NEW Orleans, and would like to give a little spice to it, real soon

  2. Maguy gerembaya says:

    I want to be in contact with Hansen, for a production of his collection in democratic republic of congo for a great event.

    maguy gerembaya
    akira & fuchikou

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