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KOKUYO stationery series by Nendo

Japanese design studio Nendo has created a variety of adhesive products for Japanese stationery company KOKUYO. News release:

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Nendo aims to “design time” with collection of unconventional hourglasses

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Nendo “Jellyfish Vase” at Milano Salone 2017

Japanese design studio Nendo exhibited “Jellyfish Vase” at the Milan design week 2017.

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Chocolatetexturebar by Nendo (Press release)

“chocolatexture”, released in 2015, was based on the theme of chocolates with the same raw materials but with diverse textures, and different tastes created from those distinctive textures. What was perceived through this design was that although “eating” is generally thought of as one action, actually the taste is recognized after going through various procedures such as “place on top of the tongue”, “bite”, “roll inside the mouth”, “melt” and “swallow”. “chocolatexturebar” is a single bar of chocolate, but the surface is divided into 12 faces each with diverse texture. By tasting each face with the tongue, where one can enjoy a new taste dimension that is unlike any other … Continue reading

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Nendo’s bottle and logo design for KENZO

Nendo has designed the new bottle for KENZO PARFUMES. Here is the press release by Nendo. ———————————————————————————————————- The new bottle and logo design for the newly launched fragrance TOTEM, directed at a new generation and developed by KENZO PARFUMS in Paris. Where previous generations have felt differences of nationality, language, and religion more acutely, the younger generation of today have comparatively fewer cultural divides to cross, enjoying a greater shared sense of identity through the global spread of online media and applications. This flexible and upcoming generation, with their mobile and vibrant lifestyles, are like a new ‘tribe’ in modern life, and this new unisex fragrance has been developed to … Continue reading

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Mugs for Starbucks Japan by Nendo

Nendo has added a graphic to the base of a white Starbucks coffee mug which looks like the surface of a coffee drink. It looks as if it is full when it is put upside down. Three different types are available: mug americano, mug latte, and mug caramel macchiato. The mugs will be released in Starbucks throughout Japan. photos by Akihiro Yoshida (via

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Interview with Nendo

Japanese design studio Nendo introduces their new product for Kartell: “Cliff bookcase”

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Splinter by Nendo

Japanese design studio Nendo has designed a furniture collection titled “Splinter”. The inspiration of the collection comes from a piece of wood which was peeled away from wooden stems. It is produced by Conde House, a Japanese manufacturer based in Asahikawa.

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nendo x Baccarat

Japanese design studio nendo redesigned Baccarat’s signature Harcourt glassware. Harcourt glassware is one of Baccarat’s most well-known glassware lines, and nendo created Harcourt glasses with edges that give an impression of melting ice. It has been exhibited at “Baccarat, Legend of Creation”, an exhibition held at Isetan department store in Shinjuku, Tokyo, together with other Baccarat glassware created by designers such as Phillipe Starck, Patricia Urquiola, Jaime Hayon, etc. Press release by nendo French luxury brand Baccarat has been making crystal since the company’s establishment in 1764. For our redesign of the company’s signature Harcourt line, we wanted to highlight a new facet of the beauty of glass by creating … Continue reading

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“Coca-Cola Bottleware” by nendo

By collaborating with Japanese design office “nendo“, Coca-Cola will release “Coca-Cola Bottleware”, which are made from 100% recycled Coca-Cola contour bottles. They are all handmade by artisans in Aomori, Japan. “We wanted to remind people of the fact that it is recycled and also we are all connected to each other by leaving the dimpling on the bottom”, nendo says. (*The dimpling is called “knurling”, originally created on the bottom in order to keep the bottle from sliding) Design Concept Coca-Cola’s “contour bottle” has been a brand icon since its inception in 1916. It is also recyclable: after each use, the bottle can be collected, washed and refilled for further … Continue reading

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