Animal Rubberband Dino by Passkey Design

“Animal Rubber band” is the product that has made “+D” the international design brand. “Animal Rubber Band Dino” is the latest version. This time all the animals are dinosaurs. The function and the material are exactly the same as the previous series.

DINO Triceratops
Size : Approx.70 × 38 mm
DINO Pteranodon
Size : Approx.55 × 30 mm
DINO Brachiosaurus
Size : Approx.140 × 60 mm
DINO Tyrannosaurus
Size : Approx.90 × 50 mm

DINO Stegosaurus
Size : Approx.70 × 45 mm
DINO Oviraptor
Size : Approx.45 × 35 mm
DINO Parasaurolophus
Size : Approx.60 × 35 mm

This product will be available very soon!


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