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The Cisterns x Sambuichi – The Water

Japanese architect Hiroshi Sambuichi modifies the monumental underground space at Cisterns in Copenhagen and created the space where natural elements meet the surrounding areas and his architectural creative skills. The exhibition is part of the official celebration in 2017 of the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Denmark and Japan.

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Japanese speaking industrial designer wanted / 工業デザイナー募集中

We are currently looking for an industrial designer for a full time position based in Japan. Please send us your CV if you speak Japanese fluently and are willing to be based in Japan. REQUIREMENTS Have a BA/BS in Industrial Design or equivalent experience. Have 0-10 years of experience in the capacity of an industrial designer producing work of the highest quality. jpdesign.orgでは、現在、日本国内で正社員として働ける工業デザイナーを募集中です。(クライアント企業の代理で募集しております)。 応募資格 専門学校、短大、大学、大学院卒(工業デザイン科、あるいはそれに相当する学科) 新卒、中途(工業デザインの職務経験10年程度まで) 英語ができる方、優遇致します ご希望の方は、 までメールにてご応募ください。

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Nendo “Jellyfish Vase” at Milano Salone 2017

Japanese design studio Nendo exhibited “Jellyfish Vase” at the Milan design week 2017.

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Akane Moriyama’s curtain for Hirakata T-SITE

Textile designer Akane Moriyama designed three eight-meter high curtains for “T-Site”, a commercial complex near Osaka, Japan. Curtain for Hirakata T-SITE from AMS on Vimeo.

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Hana Iro Enpitsu – Flower color pencils by Trinus

The shavings of these pencils look like petals of flowers. They are environmentally friendly pencils, using recycled paper instead of wood.

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Jam Tori Spoon by Atsuhiro Hayashi

“Jam Tori” is a spoon specially created for scooping and spreading jam. It stays on a jar as if a bird rests on a tree. It was created by designer Atsuhiro Hayashi for h concept.

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50% off on “hope forever blossoming” flower vases

Japanese design shop is offering 50% off on “hope forever blossoming” flower vases. Filled with water, this vinyl envelope is transformed into a fully functional 3D vase. The refraction of light through the water adds to the beauty of this simple flower vase. Each envelope contains two vases. Japanese design shop

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Cocoh lamp

Cocoh lamp is a table lamp designed by Chiaki Murata for Metaphys. It is still a prototype but will be officially released later this year.

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Cherry Blossom glass by Hironao Tsuboi

Hironao Tsuboi has designed “Cherry Blossom glass” for Japanese company 100 Percent. It is handmade by Japanese artisans who are certified for creating traditional glasses, and they are called “Edogawa Dento Kogeishi”. The bottom part of the glass is shaped like “Sakura” or a cherry flower, and it leaves a shape of “Sakura” after poring a cold drink due to dew condensation.

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Chocolatetexturebar by Nendo (Press release)

“chocolatexture”, released in 2015, was based on the theme of chocolates with the same raw materials but with diverse textures, and different tastes created from those distinctive textures. What was perceived through this design was that although “eating” is generally thought of as one action, actually the taste is recognized after going through various procedures such as “place on top of the tongue”, “bite”, “roll inside the mouth”, “melt” and “swallow”. “chocolatexturebar” is a single bar of chocolate, but the surface is divided into 12 faces each with diverse texture. By tasting each face with the tongue, where one can enjoy a new taste dimension that is unlike any other … Continue reading

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