Baby in Table

Masanori Oji is a product designer from Hiroshima, Japan. He has won many design awards in Japan such as  Interior lifestyle awards (2009), and  Kokuyo Design Award (2004).

His latest product is called “Baby in Table”.  This table is made to be used over generations.



Here is the information from the designer.

A table in which a baby can enter and sit on.

The table is used for one or two year old baby and his/her parent to play with or to have lunch together.
After grown up it is designed to be converted to be a desk for the child. He/she can place picture books and drawing papers in a box which used to be a seat for him/her. And then it is used by his/her parent as a writing desk or a center table in a living room.

materials: Japanese Beech
size: w1,100×d400×h370 sh210mm
price: 63,000yen

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