D-bros “Kudamemo”

Japanese design brand “D-bros”, which is known for its plastic flower vases “Hope Forever Blossoming” has released a new range of products called “Kudamemo”. These are fruit-shaped sticky notes.  The name “Kudamemo” comes from Japanese word “Kudamono”, which means fruits. It contains a real “branch” of a tree. Two types “Pear” and “Apple” are available.







SPONSORED by cataci.com / the global platform for creative people
Ukihashi (floating chopsticks) designed by Mikiya Kobayashi 12 Euro or 16.4$*


*The price is based on Euro and may be subject to change.

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2 Responses to D-bros “Kudamemo”

  1. hallo,
    i am interested in some products from d-bros
    for my shop (i have a physical shop and a webshop).
    i have difficulties in finding the european distributor of d-bros product.could you plese help me?
    thank you

    daniele tortoli

  2. nickis says:

    I am also interested in getting in touch with D-bros, would be great if you could help with contact details?
    Many thanks

    Nickis fischer

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