Daisaku Cho

Daisaku Cho is a furniture designer and architect. He first got recognized in the 60s with his work such as “Persimmon chair” and “Teizaisu (low chair)” which are considered classic Japanese design and are still sold worldwide. At over ninety years old, he is still very active. His latest work has been released by +d. It is called “Shuki” (or “sake cups”). “I like triangles, and the form always inspired my design. Architecture usually starts with quadrangles. In architecture, it is hard to combine triangles and quadrangles, but I thought I could do it in everyday life”, Cho says. “Shuki” will be soon available at Japanese design shop.

Persimmon Chair by Daisaku Cho

Teizaisu by Daisaku Cho

Shuki by Daisaku Cho


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