“For those who continue to live…” by Tadao Ando

“For those who continue to live…100 million people are supporting” By Tadao Ando. via asahi.com. Translated by jpdesign.org

I never imagined this situation where everything dissapered at once, phisically and mentally, in such a large area. This is different from the great Kobe earthquake in 1995 in which damages were made in the urban areas. I just can’t think of a word to give to those who were hit by the earthquake. All we can do is to support them. It is, of course, important that we stand up as a country, but our country doesn’t have so much money. So each of us has to support them.

In addition to volanteer activities, there are ways to collect money in each region. Some companies have already started donating to those who are suffering, but I think all the companies in Japan should do something.

I expect some support from the internationall community, but first of all, we have to take an action in Japan. Otherwise, we will lose our trust.

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