Geisha “lipstick” has released Geisha “lipsticks”. Actually, this is not a “stick”. It comes in the shape of a pot. The Geisha lip color is made from Benihana or safflower. Geishas have been using the lip color since the Edo period (17th-19th century) in Japan. The difference from a regular lipstick is that it is much longer lasting. The beautiful, shiny color is still there even after drinking a few cups of coffee or plentiful licking of the lips. Contact us ( if you are interested in carrying these products at your store.



Company Information:

Geisha lip rouge – Komachi Beni Toki-iro

Traditional lip color inherited from the Edo period In Japan, since ancient times, lip color refers to “Beni” made from Benibana, or safflower. By adorning their lips, “Beni” has captivated the hearts of woman throughout the ages.

Isehan Honten was established in 1825, and for over 180 years, it has continued to produce “Beni” with the unchanged originl manufacturing method. The iridescent green glow, honored only to the very finest in quality, in the achievement of the craftsmanship of our artisan predecessors. Today, Isehan Honten is the last Beni-ya(Bini maker) in Japan that has produced Beni in the traditional way since the Edo period.

Imparting the charm of Japan, Komachi-Beni is a perfect gift for friends and family, as well as for yourself.

*Ukiyoe : Eisen Keisai/Twelve Views of Contemporary Women/Isehan-Honten Beni Museum

“Ki (yellow)” to “Beni ” – the wondrous transformation

“Beni” is a natural red color extracted in minute amounts from Benibana. Although Benibana itself is a yellow flower, a mere 1% of its pigment is red, and Komachi Beni is a lip rouge produced from this rare red pigment. The dramatic transformation of the golden yellow petals to the vivid pure red continues to capture the hearts of people even to this day. Komachi Beni is made using Mogami Benibana grown in Yamagata prefecture of Japan, known to the best for Beni-making, and offers enchanting hues created by nature’s mystical powers.

The iridescent glow – a sign of the very best

Isehan Honten’s “Beni” imparts an iridescent green glow. When seen for the first time, it may come as a surprise that this is Beni. Beni of the highest quality and purity absorbs light, and emits from the surface its counter-color; green. The dramatic change from the iridescent glow to brilliant red when dissolved with water has fascinated women throughout time.

Your own individual shade of Beni

Thinkly applied, a sweet pale shade of pink is created. Applied thickly, a vivid scarlet. Generously applied layer upon layer, the divine iridescent glow as seen inside the ochoko is recreated on the lips. By varying the amount of water used, or the number of application, your own individual shade of Beni can be created. One Beni allows you to enjoy numerous shades to match your attire. On a special occation, enjoy an alluring look by wearing Beni.

Komachi Beni Toki-iro

“Komachi Beni Toki-iro” is a true work of art, created with “Beni” extracted by master craftsmen, brushed on to ochoko or sake cup. The ochoko bears flowers symbolizing the four seasons of Japan; sakura (cherry blosspm) for spring, shakunage (rhododendron) for summer, kiku (chrysanthemum) for autumn, and kan-tsubaki (camellia) for winter, The vividly drawn flowers and the iridescent glow of Beni are highly complemented by the delicate lucent white of Japan’s traditional pottery “Arita-yaki” (Imari porcelain).

To use

1. Moisten lip brush with water. Remove excess moisture by stroking on the outside edge of the cup.
2. Dissolve a small amount of Beni, starting at the edge of the cup.
3. Place Beni at the center of the lower lip, then spread to each of the outer corners and blend. For the upper lip, begin at the outer corners and work towards the peaks, then fill in and blend the center part.

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