“Hitoribun” means “for one person” in Japanese. The set of tableware is made for one person, and they are stackable. Each of them has its own function: 1) Rice bowl, 2)Soup bowl, 3)Small bowls x 2 – for side dishes, 4)Plate, 5)Tea cup. These are lacquerware made of Zelkova. Each of them has been lacquered six times.The technique used for the manufacture is called Yamanaka Shikki (Yamanaka Lacquerware), which has a history of 400 years, and it has been passed from generation to generation by the masters of lacquerware.  It was designed and manufactured in Ishikawa, Japan.If you are interested, it is possible to purchase it here or contact us (submit@jpdesign.org).taniya-hitoribun.jpghitoribun2.jpghitoribun3.jpghitoribun4.jpghitoribun5.jpg

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