Lunch boxes (Bento) by Aizawa

Aizawa is a tableware manufacturer located in Tsubame-shi, Nigata. Aizawa has been internationally recognized with their cutlery collection “Monopro + Boxer”, which has been selected for the permanent collection of MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art in New York).

Aizawa’s Lunch boxes (Bento boxes) are functional and for everyday use just as the rest of the collection. It has the form of a traditional Japanese bento box. It uses 18-8 stainless steel, which is highly rust resistant and also comes with a leak proof silicon ring which makes it airtight.

You can purchase these Bento boxes here.

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  1. John Weiser says:

    I am looking for Monopro+boxer cutlery in brushed stainless to replace missing pieces from my set. Do you know if they are available anywhere?
    Thank you.

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