NAGAE is releasing NAGAE products on their webshop next week. NAGAE manufactures and produces porcelain products based on the techniques in Seto, which boasts 1000 years of history. Their design is traditional, but also the modern and innovative thinking has been added to the tradition. It also uses one of the most sophisticated techniques available for the Japanese porcelain manufacturing  in order to achieve the thinness and strength.nagae1.jpgnagae2.jpgnagae3.jpg

press release by NAGAE

Company Information:

We present the “form and shape” of Japan’s long tradition. This is the crystallzation of the esthetic consciousness of the Japanese, fostered by the rich natural environment of Japan. It is that form and spirit that we communicate today, with ever-fresh perspectives and feelings that ensure that we continue to express an ever-novel meaning for “Made in Japan.”Seto boasts 1000 years of history as one of Japan’s six ancient kilns. Kanematsu Nagae , a Master of Mold Design for porcelain who resides in the Seto area, is a successor to the NAGAE name, famous for its traditional techniques since its founding in 1908. Mr.Nagae presents rich and copious forms and spirit via his porcelein ware. His works are marked for their superior quality fostered by generations of history, as well as modern designs which are not bound by historical precedents. Truly all persons can enjoy these dual sensitiveties and the beauty and joy that they foster.The balanced strain and tension that give life to every product can be felt whenever you take a work of the Master in your hands, in each piece’s warm curves, its ease of use, its esthetic beauty. At the same time, the “human labor” added by skilled craftsmen is readily evident. The “no compromise allowed” spirit of the Master and his craftsmen, and fully matured skilled techniques, are the supports that boost the NAGAE fame.

Product Information:

Porcelain Rice bowl – This rice bowl has a wider brim than is traditional. A margin remains around dished up rice. Furthermore, fingers touch the foot underneath the bowl when it is held bringing an unseen lighthearted feeling.


White bisque*transparent logo / Black*transparent logo / White*gold logo / Black*gold logo / Yellow*transparent logo



Manufacturing Process:

Jigger-jolley Water repellent treatment (on underside (on bisque only) Back stamp overglaze image transfer Some designs are sandblasted


White bisque*transparent logo 10500Yen/ Black*transparent logo 13650Yen / White*gold logo 12600Yen / Black*gold logo 15750Yen / Yellow*transparent logo 13650Yen*Delivered from Japan

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