Preview: Canon at Milano Salone 08

Canon has never been part of Milano Salone – this will be their first exhibition in Milan.

Their theme is ” NEOREAL”, combining the techniques used for Canon’s printers and ideas of Japanese creators.

They will have three sections: 1.”Tsuzuri” (meaning “Writing”), 2″Ikasu”(meaning “make it alive”), and 3 “Waza” (meaning “Technique”).

For “Tsuzuri”, they will demonstrate how Canon’s printers can reproduce traditional Japanese paintings such as “Yatsuhashizubyobu” (image below)


In the section of “Tsuzuri”, fashion designer Tamae Hirokawa and architect Junya Ishigami will create special space by using Canon’s printers. Not much detail is available yet, but here are some images of their work.  So we can somehow imagine what this space would look like…?


Tamae Hirokawa (image from this year’s Tokyo Fashion Week)


Junya Ishigami

“Waza” is the place where Canon shows its latest technology. They will demonstrate the lates color management technique “Kyuanos”.


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