Shiro kuramata at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT

Shiro Kuramata’s exhibition (Shiro Kuramata 1934–1991) started at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT in Roppongi, Tokyo this week (until May 8th, 2011). Kuramata is considered one of the most important Japanese designers in the 20th century and has had a great influence on the modern product design. The exhibition shows 65 pieces of Kuramata’s work. blanche.jpghowhighthemoon.jpglamp.jpgluminous_chair.jpgluminous_table.jpgsedia_seduta.jpgtwilight_time.jpg

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  1. Absolutely brilliant.
    Omedeto gozaimasu, we wish we may see an exhibition by Mr. Kuramata in Europe soon.
    These pieces would be striking at the Fiera di mobile di Milano (Italy) where sometimes supposed design is becoming predictable.

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