Tendo Furniture Competition

mashroom chair

murai stool

Design Competitions in Japan might not be very well-known internatinally (except “MUJI” competition), but there are couple of them that are getting some attention such as Asahikawa’s international furniture competition, and Toyama’s craft competition.

Tendo-mokko, which is located in Yamagata, north of Japan, decided to have a design competition first time in 40 years! Tendo is well-know for the furniture designed by Sori Yanagi.

The pictures here are called “Murai Stool”, and “Mashroom Stool”. They are considered classc Japanese design. By the way, 40 years ago, the juries of the competition included ones of the most respected desingers in Japan such as Kenzo Tange, Daisaku Choh, Riki Watanabe, and Isamu Kenmochi.

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6 Responses to Tendo Furniture Competition

  1. I would like to enter the Tendo Furniture Competition but I cannot speak or write Japanese. The organizer does not accept English in the application forms.
    Is there anybody out there who can assist me in filling out the form?
    My design studio is in California.

  2. Thank you publishing information about the Tendo Competition. When I made my entry through the Tendo web site I was surprised to see that this company had cpoied one of my original chair designs form 1979.
    You can see if there is any difference on the website.
    I quess there is nothing I can do to about this rip off and should feel honored to be copied.
    However it seems a shame that such a fine company would resort to copying.

  3. I would be interested to know who made the prize winning bowl in the latest tendo competition….a friend sent me an email with an image from the competiton and it looks suspiciously alot like my work!(www.johnglendinning.com)

  4. Tamuna says:

    I would like to know how can I take a part in the Japanese furniture competition.
    Thank you. Best wishes.

  5. as a seattle architect we specialize in sustainable design and architecture – and we might be able to translate, but is this design competition past?

  6. Arif Shaik says:

    This is one of the finest range of furniture found in rare. Information gathered is absolutley awesome. Thank you for the post.

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