Tokujin Yoshioka & Ruinart

Tokujin Yoshioka collaborated with Ruinart and designed a chair which is decorated with 100,000 pieces of crystal. This chair was produced in order to promote Ruinart’s new champagne set.

The reason why they used 100,000 pieces of crystal is that the company was established in 1729, and that almost 100,000 days have passed since their inception of business.

“It is inspired by the 18th centry French antique chair to tell the story of the brand”, says Yoshioka, “At the beginning,  I looked for a chair that can be the base, and I put it apart, made the mold, and polished the alminium”.

The 100,000 pieces of crytal was glued to the chair by hand. It is such a long process just as it is with the process of making good champagne.



via: excite/ism

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    ohhhhhhhh tokujin yoshiokais soooooo gooooood!!!

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