Wrist Watches by Naoto Fukasawa

Naoto Fukasawa has designed “Wrist watches” for “plus minus design”, where he works as a creative director.  The new watches looks very simple at a glance, but of course there is something different about these watches.

What is different about these wathes is the fact that you can change the band as you feel like. Normally, a watch has two bands, but this watch has only one.

For example, you can use a textile band for something casual, and leather for something formal.

Fukasawa says that he is also planning to design watches for women with the same concept in the near future.





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One Response to Wrist Watches by Naoto Fukasawa

  1. yusri isnin says:

    it was a simple, practical and eco friendly watch. I LOVE TO HAVE IT

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