Yukinori Tokoro

Yukinori Tokoro is a photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. Since 2008, he has been working with a project titled “Shibuya 1 Second”, which “represents the unique axis of time with the different concept forms our usual moment”. Here are some of the photos from the project – including new ones recently added to the project.

Artist statement
The time flows,
Unexpectedly to no one.

Buses ready to depart in the terminal, and a girl rushes in.
A scene of light-woven show for some minutes, and people walk silently in the city noise.
I seize what happens in one second in Shibuya, my home town, and I try to express transience and uncertainty of time.
People, car, nothing stop in this city. Neither light nor shadow stands still for a second.
Reflecting light to the building and shadow on the street always change their positions.
The light travels to a next building, and shadow falls down to another street.
The city scene thus changes every second together with movement of people and car.
Shibuya was to me a grand city who looked down the people. With the time passing to me, now I feel transience in this city.
Car, people. metro, and everything moving becomes transient to me.
Building even changes its face every second. Seizing several seconds has made me understand more about Shibuya.
Shibuya is one of typical districts representing today’s Tokyo.
The transience of Shibuya can also apply to other cities on the earth. I am a bit dizzy about.
“One second”, it’s my style of expression of transience, and no other way for me.
Every one may feel or understand his own “one second” in his way.
And many of us can understand how fast and transient “one second” is,
In order to understand what time means.

Yukinori Tokoro

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