Akanbe, felt bag with a funny face

Japanese producer H-concept has released a new product named “Akanbe”. “Akanbe” is a Japanese facial expression that makes fun of others. You can spread it out and use it as a sheet as well. It can be used as a magazine holder, etc. “Akanbe” was designed by Takashi Hojo. Size 1050 x 1000 x 3mm when used as a sheet, and 430 x 230 x 410mm when used as a bag.

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2 Responses to Akanbe, felt bag with a funny face

  1. Diana Coronado says:

    Those are really funny
    heyy japanese design is good

  2. Christopher de Beer says:

    Very Nice blog, kudos to you for it …. I will definitly be back to see newer posts.

    from Chris

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