UKI HASHI designed by Mikiya Kobayashi

Another cool product form Japanese producer h-concept. This is called UKI HASHI. “UKI” means “floating”, and “HASHI” means “chopsticks”. So this is a “floating chopsticks”.
The following is the description:
“Chopsticks that don’t need a shopstick rest. Because of its shape, the tips won’t touch the table when it’s set down. You will find comfort in its simple design”
5 colors available.

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One Response to UKI HASHI designed by Mikiya Kobayashi

  1. Hui Hua says:

    Dear Sir/Mdm,

    I am writing in from KU DE TA SG, a restaurant based in Singapore and we are interested in bulk purchasing of UKI HASHI floating chopsticks.

    Would very much appreciate if you could email me back with the person-in-charge and the contact details which i could speak to regarding the purchase.

    Thank you.

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