another work*s – 01

Japanese mobile phone company “au” has been collaborating with many designers and companies. This time “au” will launch a new project called “another work*s” with six designers including Nendo.

Nendo’s Oki Sato says, “we have been paying so much attention to mobile phones, but we need to design something that will support our lifestyle – something that functions as “glue”.

Here are two products which Nendo has designed for “another work*s” project.

The first product is called “socket-deer”. Whenever you want to recharge your mobile phone, you put it on “socket-deer”.  Even if you are not recharging your mobile phone, it is still attractive as an interior object.

The second one is called “music-cage”. It is a wireless speaker and works with bluetooth. You can listen to music stored on your mobile phone.

via: excite/ism

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