Interview with Junya Ishigami

We wrote about “Green Auction”, which Japanese furniture store hhstyle hosted this spring.See the article

Here is a interview with Junya Ishigami, one of the designers who participated in the project. (via

– What is the concept of La chaise which you designed?

My favorite Eames chair is “La chaise”. You can sit, and lie down, or stretch your legs on it. If you look at it closely, the surface looks like a hill or landform. In Eames’ documentary film “Power of Ten”, I also remembered that they showed this kind of perspective. That is why I thought about this concept.

– There are houses, forests, parks, cows, etc. Depending on how you look at it, the impression of the city changes.
For example, from this angle you can see the forest, but from another angle, you can’t…..I was thinking about this kind of realism of a landscape. I was drawing on a chair, but it was more like building a space on a chair.

– why did you use a pencil?

It is a white chair, so I thought it would be nice to give light and dark coloring. I also like to use a pencil. It can be thick or thin….drawing by a pencil is more sensitive. Without being conscious, each drawing becomes more unique.

– What is your relationship with art and architecture?

Sometimes my work is associated with art, but I am looking for various environments in order to see the possibility of architecture. I don’t think about art without thinking about architecture. We build a model and imagine a real building in architecture. There are lots of discoveries by looking at a model. This “la chaise” project is also an experiment to discover something.




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