Dog license plate by Naoto Fukasawa


Setagaya-ku, one of the wards of Tokyo decided to change the design of license plates for dogs.

Although according to the law, everyone is obliged to put a license plate on dog’ collar, it is actually rare to see dogs wearing a license plate, and sadly all the dogs that are lost and not wearing licence plates get killed by the city. So the city hall of Setagaya-ku thought about changing the design with the help of Naoto Fukasawa! They hope that this will encourage people to put a license plate on dog’s collar, and people will be more responsible and less dogs will be killed.

translation of the above description: convex font, the numbers are lasered, smaller(30mm), the sticker stays on the plate for a long time thanks to the edge.

Here is the description by Naoto Fukasawa. (translated from Japanese) :

“I first made it smaller from 35x25mm to 30x18mm – this is the smallest you can get since the size of the font and the description is regulated by the law. I also used the convex font (the previous one was engraved) and made it more durable against friction and scratching. The material is aluminium because aluminium has the nature that when it is used, the scratches and friction it gets add the extra quality to the material. I think that the change of the color and scratches on the aluminium license plate will make you feel that your relationship with your dog tighter and stronger. I hope that this license plate will encourage people to act differently and more dogs will be saved.

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