Magnet Tack by 100%

“100%” is a design studio established in 2005 in Japan, and their products have been getting lots of attention internationally. They have many interesting products but my favorite is “Magnet Tack”. This is not a normal thumb tack – you can of course use it as a normal thumb tack, but at the same time, you can hang things on a tack such as keys and pens.

Here is the description by 100%:

“Wall now is storage”
This is a powerful magnetized thumb tack. We have given magnetic function to the most popular tacks in Japan: double-headed tacks. By adding magnetic function to the normal pinning function, the capacity of a wall as a storage area is enhanced. By combining magnet and tack, it is possible to attach and detach objects with ease. They can be used in various situations. Through making the form similar to that of normal double-headed tacks, these tacks give us the slightly mysterious impression that the “tacked” object is floating.

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