Dot Flowers Crayon

The Dot Flowers Crayon set contains six crayons, and each crayon is comprised of multiple color dots. A simple line can lead to an unexpectedly beautiful drawing. Here are the combination of the color dots contained in each crayon:

1)Poppy (Orange, Lavender, Yellow Green, Pale Blue and Yellow)

2)Marigold (Red, Blue, Orange and Olive Green)

3)Lavender (Red, Lavender, Blue and Green)

4)Cosmos (Pink, Yellow, Pale Blue and White)

5)Morning Glory  (Pale Blue, Blue, Yellow Green, Orange and Green)

6)Tulip (Red, Yellow Green, Blue and Yellow)

Dot Flower Crayon will be available to purchase at Japanese design shop.

Please contact us ( if you are interested in selling “Dot Flowers Crayons” at your store.

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