Hiroshi Nakamura

To a general public, Nakamura is recognized for works such as the eye-catching Lanvin Boutique in Ginza, Tokyo. He explains his point of departure in designing buildings: “My approach is grounded in a strong physicality that explores the connection between man and architecture”*. His own favourite among his works is Dancing Trees, Singing Birds’ – a house in central Tokyo, constructed in adaptation to the surrounding trees and the natural light. It brings thoughts to Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece Fallingwater in its play with nature.

*Citation from an interview with Nakamura about the Phaidon publication 10x10_2, a global, up-to-the-minute overview of contemporary architecture that features his work.

Dancing Trees, Singing Birds’

The Lanvin Boutique in Ginza, Tokyo

Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright

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