Japanese company Silver Reed has released a new home shredder “conof. CS56D”. It is designed by a Japnese designer group “n.o.l.”. Simple and beautiful – something that reminds us of Naoto Fukasawa’s design. It cuts not only papers but also CDs and DVDs. There are two separate boxes inside for each material.There are two colors available: white and green. The size is 291 x 271 x 362mm, and the weight is 6.0kg.The price in Japan is 18,900 yen.

The width is only 3.0mm and the depth to the cutter is 44mm, so even babies fingers cannot reach the cutter.

Plastic materials are cut into 4 pieces.

Inside the dust box.

Smooth insert of a CD

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  1. Roger Koundakjian says:

    Hi i’m interested in 2 small shredder and one big A4 size but i need the paper to be destroyed completly.

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