Hotel Claska renewal

Hotel Claska originally opened 2003 as a “design hotel”. It was actually an old business hotel where you couldn’t find anything special in terms of design. They changed the exterior and interior, and the hotel was reborn as a “design hotel”. Almost five years have passed since then, and they decided to change again – they want to be even more conscious about design by introducing the new concept.

The new concept is to recognize techniques and values originally coming from Japan and communicate not just domestically, but internationally.

For example, they have opened a restaurant called “kio・kuh”. They use the traditional Japanese ingredients and serve healthy, natural Japanese foods. On the 2nd floor, they opened an art gallery called “Gallery&Shop DO”. They want to exhibit design products there and promote them worldwide. Another big change is the Japanese guest rooms. These rooms show what modern Japanese design is like. The hotel re-opened on March 29th.

Hotel Claska


1st Floor


Serving natural, healthy Japanese foods


The new Japanese room


Exbhition space where they promote Japanese design

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  1. aoyama says:

    Hey!! Good design blog, it sounds a great idea inform in english about latest japan designs, I will add it to my favorites blogs!! thanks 🙂

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