Milan Design week Part 3 (Nendo)

Japanese design studio Nendo has had their solo exhibition at Milan Design Week. “Transparent table” uses transparent acrylic materials which have wood grain. Nendo has also released their new work through various producers at Salone Internazionale del Mobile, including Cappellini, Moroso, Driade, and Foscarini.

Here is the press release by Nendo regarding “Transparent table”.

We cast clear acrylic in a wooden form with a strong grain and assembled the resulting pieces to create a table made of ‘transparent wood’. We reproduced the butt ends faithfully and bevelled the edges like floorboards, and matched the grains ends and dimensions of the wood used for the table legs to the ‘transparent wood’ to create a unified piece.
The two tables have specific and different optical effects: at first glance the black table is wood, but a closer look reveals its transparency, while the clear table is the transparent at first glance, and only later reveals its wooden form.

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