MILAN DESIGN WEEK PART 2 (Canon Neoreal Wonder)

This is the 4th year since Canon participated in the Milan design week. This year they have collaborated with Torafu Architects, and visual design studioWOW. The exhibition has been held at Superstudio in Zona Tortona.

Here is the information from the organizer:

“NEOREAL WONDER” creates a world of digital imaging where airiness and revolution coexist. Those who visited the exhibition awake to the possibilities of vision, they are astonished, they feel the dynamism of life, and pursue this expression in which a new relationship is created between people and image.

This time, those responsible for creating the works presented as part of “NEOREAL WONDER” are TORAFU ARCHITECTS – a group of architects who get overwhelming support from Japan’s young generation for their warm expression, and WOW – a visual design studio highly appreciated in Japan for their careful expression of the sensitivity of the Japanese, and the excellent definition of their work.

An image and space composition where light fabrics and liveliness can be enjoyed unfolds, through the collaboration of TORAFU ARCHITECTS and WOW, on the background of Canon’s total ability in the imaging field.

We appointed two groups of artist to express the feelings of our times.
For this time’s “NEOREAL WONDER”, we emphasized the idea of contemporaneity for choosing the designers. TORAFU ARCHITECTS and WOW are two groups of designers which can express eloquently the feeling of “live” demanded by our times in images and in space. Their sensibility and style are highly appreciated not only in Japan but also abroad, and they continue to increase the number of fans and supporters around the world. The art works they came up with as their first time collaboration will most likely create fresh amazement and emotion, and strike a chord with many visitors, for the new reality they pursued.

The art works of two groups, sharing the theme of “Light”
During the past three years, with “NEOREAL”, we presented art works which left a strong, overwhelming impression, but with “NEOREAL WONDER”, our art works are based on the concept of “coexistence of airiness and revolution”. To materialize this concept TORAFU ARCHITECTS and WOW chose “Light” as the theme.

“Light Loom” by TORAFU ARCHITECTS reveals traces of light which can be seen but cannot be captured. By using leveling strings – a construction material, they create a luminous flux screen* like no one has seen before, which forms the main space. On the other hand, “Circle of light” by WOW focuses on the light in our everyday lives, on aspects such as “noon and night as part of the day” and “the four seasons in a year”, and approaches these ephemeral, various aspects in their condensed image creation.

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