nendo x ELECOM (2)

nendo x ELECOM (1)

(6) Kandenchi (batteries)
“A wireless computer mouse in the shape of a battery (‘kandenchi’ in Japanese), based on the mouse’s own rechargeable nature. The positive terminal has turned into the left-click button, and the scrolling wheel and right-click button are on the side. This design increases portability and allows for vertical use, making the mouse easy to use on planes, trains and other places with limited workspace”*

“A stand for smartphones and slate tablet PCs that seems to cast a shadow like a single flower in a vase. A design that plays with the illusion of presence and absence by abstractly imitating the shadows created by light shone on an object”*

(8)megane (glasses)
“A pair of glasses have a very simple construction: they’re unfolded for use, and folded up when not. Realizing that this construction would work well for a smartphone stand, we replaced the two lenses with transparent suction cups, making these ‘glasses’ (‘megane’ in Japanese) into a smartphone stand”*

(9)jaguchi (faucet)
“A smartphone stand in the form of water pouring from a tap. Depending on its placement, the tap (jaguchi in Japanese) can seem to float, or water to be pouring from a wall or computer. Our intention was to create a design that can be enjoyed, even when the stand is not in use”*

(10)data clip
“A USB stick in the shape of a paperclip. It can clip to a stack of documents, business cards or memos for handing data to a colleague or friend, or connect to other DATA clips for storage. A design that aims for a new relationship between daily life and digital data”*

(11)data hook
“A USB stick in the form of a carabiner, used most often to attach ropes and tools for climbing and other outdoor sports. The data hook attaches to totebags and cables, and can be linked to other data hooks for easy carrying”* “data hooks” are available to purchase here.

*The text is from nendo’s press releases
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