Slimmest 3G mobile phone in Japan

Panasonic has released the SoftBank 822P recently. This phone is available only in Japan.

8.9mm thin body
W-CDMA and GSM support
2 megapixel camera
Bluetooth connectivity
96 grams in weight

It looks like it is slimmest (slimmer than Sony Ericsson’s 880i). However, it is slightly longer and weighs more than 880i.

The following is the description by Panasonic.

-8.9mm of Super Sleekness

-This flat, seamless body is super thin, making 822P a streamlined handset with a focus on style and functionality. Rounded edges make it more comfortable to use and accentuate its thinness.

-Unique Coloring to Express Your Individuality
Sophisticated color gradation enhances the stylishly designed 822P, for even greater self expression. Its metallic frame will leave a sharp impression wherever you carry it.

-Full Function Handset in a Slim Package

-Equipped with a 2.0 Megapixel Camera, and microSD™ Memory Card slot, 822P also features Keyguard, preventing unintentional key presses by automatically locking keys after two minutes of inactivity. Enjoy PC Site Browser, Global Roaming*1, and much more.

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