Milan design week part 1 (Hermès by Shigeru Ban)

Japanese architect collaborated with Jean de Gastines to create a paper house pavillion for Hermès. It is structured with cardboard tubes woven with paper. The paper tube structure (PTS) was originally developed in order to build inexpensive and recyclable houses after the Great Kobe Earthquake in 1995. Hermès is showing its brand new contemporary interiors collection for the first time at the Salone del Mobile.

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2 Responses to Milan design week part 1 (Hermès by Shigeru Ban)

  1. Konnichiwa,
    The International Furniture Fair of Milan is being great this year and we´ve met interesting Japanese new designers in Satellite Hall (to be pubished in our twitter from today). Japanese design should grow up in Europe, as we can read in the last number of the British magazine Monocle

  2. Alberto Aristione says:

    What can I say…I was there and my only regret is the fact that it’s over. It’s nearly impossible to see everything because of the amount and diversity of things. But I did appreciate the japonese design.
    Also there were a lot of performances, installations and debates but I didn’t had time. Anyway, i saw some new brands and i love Delightfull…, I saw them at the event and I loved it! Now it’s time to return to work…

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