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Shibuya 1000

An art exhibition “Shibuya 1000” will start in Shibuya, Tokyo on February 5th, 2011. The participants are photographers, visual artists, and desigers. During the same period, various art events including “Many T-shirts are coming out of the large egg” are planned at the “Oval area” of Shibuya station (which was designed by architect Tadao Ando).

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Motohiko Odani

Motohiko Odani’s solo exhibition “Phantom Limb” started at Mori museum in Tokyo on November 27th. Odani visualized intangible presence as “phantom”, which goes beyond the traditional definition of sculpture.

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Murakami Versailles

“Murakami Versailles” started in Chateau de Versailles in France on September 14th. This is a large scale art exhibition where the objects created by Takashi Murakami were installed in each room of Chateau de Versailles. “I wanted to crash the past and the future, and wanted to see what would come out by combining different cultures”, says Murakami. The exhibition continues through December 12, 2010. via: excite/ism

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Setouchi International Art Festival 2010

Architect Kazuyo Sejima designed three art galleries for “Setouchi International Art Festival 2010”, where artist Yukinori Yanagi’s work are exhibited. “Flower fields with an ‘eye’” designed by kazuyo Sejima “The God of the mountain, the electric Hinomaru and the mirror gardens on both sides” by Yukinori Yanagi designed by Kazuyo Sejima -About “Setouchi International Art Festival” July 19th – October 31st, 2010. on the Seven Islands of the Seto Inland Sea + Takamatsu From long ago the Seto Inland Sea has played an important role as a main artery of transportation. Boats came and went bringing new cultures and lifestyles to the islands. Traditional customs and a beautiful view have … Continue reading

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Wooden flowers by Etsuhiro Suda

Etsuhiro Suda’s solo exhibition started at gallery Koyanagi in Ginza, Tokyo. At a glance, the space looks totally empty. But if you look at it carefully, you will find 10 small wooden flowers. You can find some flowers easily, but the others are located in rather hidden places. Gallery Koyanagi, 1-7-5, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo. TEL: 03-3561-1896

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Canon NEOREAL in Milan Design week

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Art Brut Japonais

“Art Brut Japonais” exhibition will start on March 24th (until January 2nd 2011) at La halle saint pierre museum in Paris. 63 Japanese pop artists will exhibit their work. Part of the exhibition will be shown at Spirit Art Museum.

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Motohiko Odani’s solo exhibition has started at Maison Hermes in Ginza, Tokyo. Odani was born in Kyoto and currently based in Tokyo. He represented Japanese artists at Venice Biennal in 2003. His theme is  to “Express the dynamism surrounding our bodies”. It shows a feeling of pain and its change. The new work exhibited now shows the “air surrounding our bodies”, and “visualization of the movement”. Via:

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Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative visions

Yebis International Festival for Art & Alternative visions started on February 19th. The following is work by Takayuki Fujimoto, titled “Time Lapse Plant”.

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Digital public art at Haneda airport

“A large air person” , digital public art was exhibited at Haneda airport terminal 2 last year. It shows the existence and flow of air by turn air into the shape of human beings. Currently, “A large air person” has been exhibited at the Tokyo modern museum.

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